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How to Create Your Own 404 Error Page
Directions for Apache Users

Directions for: Lycos/Tripod

Alternate Step One: Using .htaccess to Add your 404 Error Page

If you'd rather not muck with the innards of your httpd.conf file, there's a sensible and less overwhelming alternative solution, at least if you're using the Apache web server. Instead, create a file in your Web site's home directory called .htaccess (yes, that's a dot or period as the first letter. It's very important!)

You can accomplish this if you have direct edit capabilities on your server, or you can create a file with the correct name on your PC or Macintosh and upload it to the server. Regardless, the content of the file should be exactly:
ErrorDocument 404 /404-error-page.html

In this instance, you're defining the name of your error page to be exactly 404-error-page.html and that it's going to live at the topmost directory of your Web site. If you'd prefer a different name, then modify the contents of this file appropriately.

If you use FTP to upload this file to your server, make sure that you transfer it in "text" or "ascii" mode so that it's properly parsed by the server.