Welcome to 404-error-page.com! This site offers you information on how to create your own 404 error pages, some cool content you can add, and even how you can add links to other sites that aren't what they appear.

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Fun Spoof Custom 404 Error Pages

Look at the page shown in the box below. Looks 95% like a normal error page, right? But start clicking on the links and it's suddenly taking you to places you didn't expect. Even the search engine points to somewhere else (try it):

Funny spoof sample 404 error pages, error 404, and how to find them

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This simple spoof custom 404 error page is but the tip of the iceberg. There are some geniunely brilliant 404 error pages on the net, some that are blunt political commentary, and others that seem to be mundane until an animated figure walks onto the window and starts lecturing you about the error you've encountered!

Here are some of the very best we've found:

If you have one you'd like to suggest, please use the contact form at intuitive.com to get ahold of the webmaster. Thanks!